Our privacy policy

This website is provided by Saints at Play Limited. We take safeguarding your data and, as a result, providing an enjoyable user experience very seriously and the following privacy policy describes how we aim to achieve this.

This policy may be revised periodically by Saints at Play Limited with modifications effective upon immediate posting to this website. We deem conclusive acceptance of the modified policy by yourself through your access and use of this website and its services after such a posting has been made.

We, ourselves refers to Saints at Play Limited.

  • We do NOT capture any personal, identifying information about you when visiting each page in this website, this includes information such as your name, date of birth, legal residence and financial details for example.
    Information we do capture is only that provided by yourself through, for example, our online feedback form, this includes: full name, e-mail address, IP address and OS/Browser type. Additionally we may log any and all search terms you enter and your mouse clicks to help improve our services by determining where elements of our website may not be functioning effectively
  • We do NOT, under any circumstances, unless explicitly required to do so by law, provide any individual/agency/organisation outside of Saints at Play Limited with any and all information you supply about yourself through your use of this website. This does not include our hosting, web analytics, mailing list provider and/or other third party service providers who will, through the terms of our arrangement with them, be able to access our data stored under their accounts and, as a result, we are unable to accept responsibility for their use of data that you provide through your use of this website. You agree and accept that Saints at Play Limited cannot be held liable for any and all usage of your data by service providers we rely on.
  • This website uses cookies. These are small text files that provide information that certain pages in the website use to enable certain functionality to take place and provide a seamless viewing experience as a result.
    These cookies can NOT and do NOT capture any personal, identifying information about you during your visit
  • This website uses google analytics and heatmap analysis codes to track user behaviour. By using this website you agree that any and all information gathered by google through your visit is not the responsibility of Saints at Play Limited and, as a result, you agree that we cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for such data captured by Google.
    Heatmap analysis tracks the mouse clicks you make when clicking on various pages of the website and is used to provide feedback about how effectively the website functions on a usability level. Heatmap analysis also tracks your browser type and screen resolution/colour. You additionally agree by accessing and using this website that such data can be tracked and used by Saints at Play Limited without any limitation other than not being provided to any parties outside of ourselves and the heatmap software provider.