Terrorism season.....again

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Published to Fear and conditioning on Oct 07, 2010

Just in case you were getting too comfortable folks, the media is starting to bombard us, once again, with warnings about imminent al-qaeda terrorist attacks. With the Eiffel tower being closed twice in two weeks, Sweden increasing its threat level and Japan issuing travel warnings for citizens heading to Europe paranoia is certainly making the rounds. Comparisons with the Mumbai hotel attacks of 2008 have been made and lots of speculation abound about potential targets in European cities.

All this despite the fact that the credibility of such warnings is almost non-existent doesn’t seem to register with the mainstream media. Where there’s a story to be sold truth appears to come far down the list of priorities

In the US authorities are deploying uniformed officers across Amtrak routes, as part of an exercise termed RailSafe – Regional Alliance Including Local State and Federal Efforts. Although a DHS official has stated this exercise was not related to the terror threat in Europe and had been long-planned the timing is very convenient in the midst of all the media reports.

RailSafe will reportedly involve canine sweeps for detecting explosives, random inspections of passenger bags and belongings and heightened station patrols at passenger rail stations across Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Combining a variety of personnel from the TSA, Amtrak police and a number of federal, state, local and rail police agencies could this be more conditioning for the public? Put this exercise together with the European terror alerts, US state department alerts, the news of a thwarted terrorist plot in Pakistan and recent highway inspections in the US the possibility doesn’t seem so remote.

Given all of the above could this be a prelude to seeing x-ray/body scanning equipment being used at public transport locations such as train and bus stations, similar to highway inspections held recently in the US? Could official pronouncements for stronger security measures lead to an expansion of full body scanning equipment outside of airports? The above is, of course, pure speculation but given the growth of the security-terror complex over the last decade and politicians enthusiasm for being seen to be tough on terror the possibility isn’t unrealistic.

One thing is certain. The conditioning of the public is critical to accepting such a state of affairs and the media has done an excellent job of achieving such ends despite the reality that more Americans die of poverty than terrorism.



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