Shhh…..don’t mention the constitution

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Published to Fear and conditioning on Dec 26, 2010

From DNA shredding terahertz waves and legalised sexual assault to the omnipresent CCTV cameras and mobile traffic scanners it should become clear to even the most casual observer that our society is resembling more and more a police state with each successive tool in the 'fight against terrorism'. X-ray backscatter and millimeter wave machines are only one facet of this world that is coming into view. The potential health risks presented through the use of this technology, as independent research has long suggested, far outweigh any security benefits. Security benefits which, as different researchers have shown, are minimal at best and non-existent at worst. Despite cheaper, more effective solutions available for detecting concealed explosives and weapons the US Government plans to expand the introduction and use of these devices to every airport across the country.

And if you don’t want to be subjected to DNA altering radiation in the form of a body scan then your only other option is an enhanced pat down. An alternative ‘security’ measure which has left many travelers complaining of sexual assault, intimidation and improper conduct when at the hands of TSA officials. The TSA's response? Get used to it.

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave you are now suspected of being a domestic terrorist if you are, amongst others, a war veteran, a Tea Party supporter or dare to voice your rights as enshrined in the Constitution. It’s no longer just the Muslims they're targetting it’s you as well. And still the idiots in the general public applaud their political masters when even more of their civil liberties are eroded in the war against terror. Keep a population terrified through continual media propaganda. Divide society through the use of convenient scapegoats. Set up false flag terror attacks and they’ll accept whatever measure you put on the table. Oldest trick in the book. Right from the Romans down through to The Nazis and up till now. And it keeps on working, like a charm.

And those odd voices that speak out? Those handful of individuals who call attention to what’s actually happening? Simple. Ridicule and dismiss their concerns. Label them as cranks, conspiracy theorists or accuse them of aiding the terrorists. The useful idiots in the public will go along with that and all the while we’ll just walk even further into the prison state that’s being built before our very eyes.



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