And the likelihood of you dying in a terrorist attack is....

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Published to Fear and conditioning on Jan 27, 2015

Well, according to this article - EXTREMELY low, although it does sort of depend on where you live.

For example:

  • In America - 1 in 3,500,000
  • In Canada - 1 in 3,800,000
  • In Great Britain - 1 in 5,200,000
  • Worldwide - 1 in 12,500,000 (outside of war zones)

Now that's not so bad is it?

Of course, it can be argued that statistics are only as reliable as the quality of the data being used and the methodology employed to obtain that data but if you live in the US and want to get an idea of your odds of dying take a peek at the following:

  1. Heart Disease - 1 in 6
  2. Cancer - 1 in 7
  3. Stroke - 1 in 28
  4. Land vehicle accident - 1 in 85
  5. Intentional self harm - 1 in 115
  6. Accidental poisoning and drug overdose - 1 in 139
  7. Falls - 1 in 184
  8. Car accident - 1 in 272
  9. Exposure to narcotics and hallucinogens - 1 in 289
  10. Assault by firearm - 1 in 300

For the complete list take a peek here (spoiler alert: out of the 25 most common/likely odds of dying a terrorist attack doesn't even get a mention).

Additionally, where leading causes of death in the USA are concerned, you might want to digest the CDC statistics, for worldwide deaths you can try the WHO data and, if you live across the pond, the UK's ONS report.

Not once does terrorism figure into the numbers.

Kind of puts things into perspective really doesn't it?



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