About this website

This site was developed by Saints at Play Limited in response to our deep concern regarding the adoption and use of full body scanning equipment in selected airports in both the UK and other countries.


We intend to present clear and accurate information about the privacy, security and health risks posed by the introduction and use of full body scanners in public transport locations such as airports.

We believe that these risks have been deliberately understated, obfuscated through anti-terrorism and security arguments, hidden behind political and commercial agendas and should present very real concerns to all subjected to the use of these machines.

The fact that any civilised society would push the use of technology whose security benefits are unfounded while presenting questionable and potentially harmful safety and privacy risks is in itself hugely troubling. As a result we hope to present information through this website, that can also be corroborated through publicly available content, to highlight the multi-level dangers posed by the use of these body scanners.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to contribute material to this website please contact us using the form below and we will get back to you as soon as time allows.

Questions & Answers

Who is responsible for this website?

Saints at Play Limited, a web & mobile development agency based in the UK.

We built the website as we felt people needed the clearest possible information available as to where full body scanning equipment is being used in airports and transportation hubs around the world.

Can I report an airport listing that isn't featured in the App?

If that airport location uses full body scanners then please do so!

We are keen to ensure that information featured within the App is as relevant, accurate and as complete as possible.

Please keep us informed using the form on the Get In Touch page by providing the following details: name of the airport, number/type of full body scanners (if known) and additional details (if any, and where relevant).

What is the purpose of this website?

To allow travellers who are concerned about the use of body scanning equipment in transportation hubs to be able to make informed choices about where they would like to travel from and to.

Alternatively, some travellers prefer airports using full body scanners as they feel that these provide greater security and, as a result, this app will also help them make more informed choices about airport destinations that they would like to travel from and to.

Won’t this help terrorists though?

Nope. As security flaws with both the Backscatter X-Ray and Millimeter Wave type body scanners have been publicly demonstrated by researchers (evidence of which is available here and here - not to mention an official admission here) it is extremely unlikely that information contained within this App would benefit terrorists in any way, shape or form.

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